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Argon Industries incorporates an intense and tenacious focus on customer satisfaction with a high level of quality manufacturing equipment, workforce,and management while maintaining and growing referral networks to generate new and repeat sales.

Argon Industries sales team provides a dedicated sales representative for your account.


Argon Industries processes materials of

- Carbon Steel
- Stainless Steel
- Aluminum
- Galvanized and Galvanealed

- Copper
- Brass
- Fiberglass
- Plastics

Argon Industries can fabricate variety of parts

- Assemblies
- Base plates
- Brackets

- Weldments
- Frames
- Fixtures
- Covers
- Enclosures

Argon Industries is ISO9001:2015. Welding processes and welders are qualified in:

- AWS D1.1
- D1.6
- B2.1

Argon Industries operates 3 shifts.

For every process needed in manufacturing, Argon Industries utilizes the most powerful software packages like:

– Solidworks
– Ncell
– Flexchannel
– UniPoint QMS